dataQ 3.0 Files

Providing healthcare stakeholders with the most comprehensive, verified pharmacy database available.
National Council for Prescription Drug programs (NCPDP) significantly enhanced its dataQ™ database to dataQ 3.0. This new and advanced pharmacy database solution provides healthcare stakeholders with an unparalleled level of detailed pharmacy information in the industry. In addition to adding more data files, we have added four new tables so that you can obtain information specific to state license ID’s, change of ownership, pharmacy services and remittance and reconciliation information.

Whether you subscribe to a routine file or need live data, dataQ 3.0’s reliably current data is based on an incomparable verification processes by a team of experts 100% focused on pharmacies. It enables pharmacies, PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers), health plans and other stakeholders to have improved pharmacy database accuracy for claims adjudication – streamlining their electronic claims processing.

The database facilitates pharmacy network development and credentialing, data validation, drug utilization monitoring, drug recalls, new product launches, rebate processing and market research/analysis.

Standard or Custom Subscription Access
Available with varying subscription and administrative levels, dataQ 3.0 monthly or weekly files are available for an annual license fee, which depends on the intended use of the data and the purchasers type of business. Full, standard access is popular for clients who prefer to receive all available information, while other stakeholders appreciate the flexibility of purchasing a customized subscription with only those data sets specific to their needs. Ask us today what might be right for you.

Data fields include:

  • Physical and mailing addresses, phone and fax number for over 75,000 chain, independent, military/government, franchise, compound and specialty pharmacies in the U.S. Even non-pharmacy prescription drug dispensers are included, such as urgent or emergency care facilities, dispensing physician practices, etc.
  • The NPI (National Provider Identifier) number
  • Parent organization and other relationship information
  • Payment center (remittance) information
  • Specialty class, such as compounding or specialty pharmacy, community pharmacy, mail order pharmacy, durable medical equipment, etc.
  • Hours of operation and languages spoken

There’s more?
We didn’t stop there. Need just a specific state pharmacy or real-time data to troubleshoot and verify current data issues? Authorized subscribers can generate custom reports through dataQ OnDemand™ – a robust, intuitive web-based program with extensive search and reporting capabilities, or access real-time pharmacy records via the optional dataQ WebConnect™ online solution.

dataQ WebConnect also allows instant download of license and certification documentation, such as state pharmacy licenses, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) certificates and NPI (National Provider Identifier) confirmations.

Who uses dataQ™?
NCPDP works closely with:

  • Payers, including large/small Health Plans
  • PBMs
  • PSAOs (pharmacy system administrative and other third party contracting organizations)
  • Independent, chain and franchise pharmacies
  • Claims clearinghouses and switches;
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and other companies that market to pharmacies
  • Healthcare informatics and drug utilization review organizations; and
  • Vendors and other healthcare solution providers such as value-added resellers (VARS), ePrescribing and electronic medical records (EMR) system vendors

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