dataQ OnDemand

Access to the Data You Need, How You Need It
dataQ OnDemand™ provides “do it yourself” pharmacy reporting that is timely, cost effective and convenient. Available any time and anywhere with Internet access, this optional delivery method of pharmacy data allows healthcare stakeholders to run an extensive array of real-time pharmacy reports based on specific query criteria.

Build your own pharmacy report
Through assigning “intelligent” identification codes to its data fields, dataQ™ 3.0’s nimble interface rapidly identifies, sorts and categorizes in a manner never before available. The dataQ OnDemand tool allows authorized users to run and save detailed reports selecting from more than 25 criteria (such as dispenser-type) and more than 50 fields of information specific to each pharmacy.

Because of its archiving capabilities, dataQ OnDemand allows access to past report criteria, which can be especially useful for repetitive reporting needs.

Exporting options include XML, CSV (comma delimited), TIFF, PDF, HTML and Excel. Access to the custom reporting is priced on a per-user basis determined by class of trade.

No more IT roadblocks
For larger organizations such as healthcare payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and drug utilization review entities, the ability to track live data and industry trends is of primary importance. With extensive reports available to run at any time, waiting for the IT department to write code for specialized reports is a relic of the past – saving time and money.

Small/specialty organizations are able to purchase specialized sets of data, making the solution affordable and accessible. It is a fresh resource for companies with unique needs that historically could not gain access to information customized for their use.

Primary reporting fields include, but are not limited to:

  • geographic information
  • services
  • license numbers (documentation is only available for download via dataQ WebConnect™)
  • key identifiers such as NCPDP Provider ID, DEA, and NPI
  • relationship types such as chain, franchise, purchasing group, third party reconciliation group or contracting groups
  • provider types: retail pharmacy, compounding, specialty, military, managed care, mail order, long term care, clinic, etc.

For sample reports specific to your needs and detailed information on the full scope of the dataQ OnDemand™ reporting fields and capabilities, contact our database services associates today.


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