Bye-bye commodity. Hello value.
As a clearinghouse for sending pharmacy prescription drug insurance claims to the right health plan or PBM (pharmacy benefit manager) for reimbursement, your challenge isn’t limited to being the fastest and the cheapest. You need value-adds to better serve your clients and stand out in a highly competitive market, and you need them now.

Endpoint to endpoint, dataQ™ 3.0 by NCPDP gives you the detailed, accurate data you need to deliver superior service. On the pharmacy service end of the spectrum or the payer end, dataQ 3.0 delivers accurate, timely information right when you need it. Claims that stumbled along the cyber highway can be quickly validated or corrected – making you the hero.

A service (r)evolution
By combining NCPDP’s proven methodology for data maintenance with recent enhancements, dataQ 3.0 has unequaled accuracy, timeliness and flexibility.

For example, pharmacies have ownership over the timeliness and quantity of dataQ 3.0 files received, updating their record online, which is then validated and accepted for posting by NCPDP. This ensures expedited updates, giving you the latest data. Only NCPDP has this capability.

If you add value for your clients by matching pharmacies up with NPI numbers, that information is immediately available. You need to translate pharmacy data into a format that the payer accepts because they aren’t quite ready to process NPI numbers? dataQ 3.0 can assist with that, too.

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