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Only the best data will suffice
As a healthcare informatics professional, you transform raw data into meaningful, actionable intelligence. When it comes to your pharmaceutical manufacturer clients, claims data analysis is only as good as the data behind it – so you need the best information available. And the delivery mechanism? It needs to be timely with continual updates in a digitized format that can be exported and imported exactly where it is needed.

NCPDP delivers the most current, detailed and accurate pharmacy database available via the dataQ™ 3.0 solution and updates are available via subscription or real-time access. No other source can provide the same level of granular detail. For example, dataQ 3.0 can help you discover the top pharmacies dispensing a specific prescription drug in any service area you choose, or give information on specific pharmacy types such as long term care, compounding or specialty pharmacies in a specific city or region.

Expanded reporting flexibility
Because it has over 25 criteria and 60 fields to report on, dataQ 3.0’s OnDemand™ custom reporting varieties are endless. A continually expanding library of query criteria is available to subscribers, but you also have the freedom to create and archive report queries specific to your organization. The user-friendly interface accommodates users from the most sophisticated IT department down to a single user at a small consulting organization.

For example, pharmacies now have ownership over the timeliness and quantity of dataQ 3.0 files received, updating their record online, which is then validated and accepted for posting by NCPDP. This ensures expedited updates, giving you the latest data. Only NCPDP has this capability.

If you need more complex reporting than the template library offers and your busy IT department just can’t get to it fast enough, NCPDP’s custom services can program exactly what you need. Just give us a call and we’ll make it happen.


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NCPDP's houses almost every piece of data needed for claims processing, all in one easy-to-use tool.

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