As a payer organization, you want timely, accurate claims processing, facilitated through continuously maintained data. You want to be sure that you are reimbursing the correct pharmacy, and you want the most credible and current resources for instant troubleshooting and repair of delayed claims.

NCPDP has been providing trusted information to payers for more than 30 years. With the recent launch of dataQ™ 3.0, subscribers benefit from an incomparable level of pharmacy data, more value and mission-critical resources than ever before.

You can still get the same file delivery as before, but there are fresh new options that can take your database maintenance and processing to a whole new level. Faster access to current information. Live troubleshooting on a real-time platform. Flexible, customizable reporting.

It’s a payer goldmine
If you are a large organization, you might use a standard or custom dataQ™ subscription to enhance and cleanse your own database and manage your pharmacy network, or use it as a crosswalk between legacy NCPDP Provider ID (formerly the NABP) and NPI numbers. You might even use dataQ WebConnect™ real-time pharmacy lookup option and/or dataQ OnDemand™ detailed reporting for fraud/abuse controls, or to verify claims as valid. Smaller payers often use NCPDP’s database exclusively to save time, staffing and money.

Either way – you win. Find out more by scheduling a demo of the product.


National Council for Prescription Drug Programs: Manage, Share, & Alert

NCPDP's houses almost every piece of data needed for claims processing, all in one easy-to-use tool.

Want to know more?
Request a Demo - See just how easy it is to search for and view details for our quality database of nationwide prescribers.

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