• More accurate utilization history by matching NPI numbers to legacy pharmacy identifiers.
  • Custom reporting for sales and marketing analytics.
  • Targeted promotional mailings to launch a new prescription drug.
  • Auditing rebate invoices.

A simple database of pharmacy contact information just can’t accomplish these goals. For a pharmaceutical manufacturer, access to a robust pharmacy database is an essential part of daily business.

Empowering sales/marketing for increased revenue
Because of dataQ™ 3.0’s ideal blend of quality, timeliness, accuracy and enhanced reporting functionality – all backed by the most trusted name in the industry, NCPDP – Pharma companies trust dataQ 3.0 to help them be more competitive and profitable.

The real-time pharmacy look-up resource of dataQ WebConnect™ and the impressively flexible dataQ OnDemand™ “build your own report” solutions are ideal for evaluating the competition and market saturation or evaluating growth of pharmacies in a specific sales territory for sales force allocations. In tandem with a regional or national subscription to the database, manufacturers are empowered with data to fuel their revenue goals.

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National Council for Prescription Drug Programs: Manage, Share, & Alert

NCPDP's houses almost every piece of data needed for claims processing, all in one easy-to-use tool.

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