Pharmacy Networks

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If you are a chain drugstore or a third-party contractor, your network is everything. Through delivery of a powerful database, dataQ™ 3.0 by NCPDP helps you gain insight where it is needed most to manage and grow your network.

Because of our migration to a browser-based system, pharmacies now maintain their own data online in real-time. What does this mean to you? It means ready access to the most current and accurate information possible at the drop of a hat — including newly opened or closed pharmacies, NPI updates, and other detailed information.

As always, access to data on locations within your own network continues to be available at no charge. But why stop there? With a subscription to the full database, suddenly a new window of discovery opens:

  • Visibility into the service areas of your competition
  • Simplified tracking of pharmacy market share and saturation
  • Identification of pharmacies for merger/acquisition possibilities
  • Enhanced filtering by state, service area, dispenser type, etc.
  • Monitoring capabilities for prescription drug abuse and fraud

Need to identify who is in a specific market that you are seeking to penetrate — real-time?
dataQ WebConnect™ does that.

Want custom files based on your need for additional/fewer information fields or specific geographic and/or demographic selections?
dataQ OnDemand™ can do it.

Call us today for a demo and targeted discussion on how it can solve your analytic needs.


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NCPDP's houses almost every piece of data needed for claims processing, all in one easy-to-use tool.

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