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As a pharmacy vendor or VAR (value-added reseller), you need affordable data that is accurate, with flexible output and formatting options. With the recent launch of dataQ™ 3.0 by NCPDP, an enhanced pharmacy subscriber database with industry-leading accuracy, you can now market and make decisions with confidence.

dataQ 3.0 subscriptions are available on a web browser-based platform and offline. Thanks to dataQ WebConnect™ and dataQ OnDemand™, access to “gold standard” pharmacy data is more affordable and flexible than ever before. Whether you need data on a single pharmacy dispenser type, such as retail or specialty pharmacies, or on a defined geographic area, you can purchase access to exactly what you need, when you need it.

Options include:

  • Weekly or monthly file downloads via email or
    FTP delivery (dataQ standard or custom subscriptions),
  • Real-time look-ups (dataQ WebConnect), and
  • Build-your-own reporting (dataQ OnDemand).

Common uses include integration of dataQ 3.0 into VAR applications such as ePrescribing or online pharmacy directories, troubleshooting claims adjudication, as an adjunct in credentialing, cleansing and merging with private databases, and more.

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