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Maintain the Most Accurate Pharmacy Data

The Most Comprehensive Pharmacy Database Available

NCPDP has been the leading provider for self-reported pharmacy data for over 30 years. dataQ® provides the most complete, up-to-date set of pharmacy data to help the healthcare industry enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve its bottom line.


File Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs

dataQ® annual subscriptions provide flexibility in the frequency and the amount of information available with each file delivery. Subscriber organizations can choose from weekly or monthly files.  Additionally, they can choose full master files, for those who prefer to receive all available information, or have the flexibility of purchasing transaction files which contain only the data changes since the previous file was delivered.


Unequivocal Credibility

dataQ® is utilized by CMS and other Federal agencies for pharmacy data. Nothing speaks more strongly to NCPDP’s reputation for accuracy and credibility than this. If the federal government trusts NCPDP for its pharmacy information needs, shouldn’t you?

Designed by the Industry for the Industry

Developed by NCPDP in Collaboration with Member and User-Driven Enhancements

dataQ® has evolved as a result of feedback from subscribers, users and various NCPDP Task Groups who outlined enhancements that were the most valuable to users and pharmacies. This input resulted in such modifications to dataQ® database as Standardized Fraud, Waste & Abuse Training Attestation Form, the development of the change of ownership table, state licenses table, services table, and remit and reconciliation table, to name a few.

Flexible Platform Integration

dataQ® ’s relational database consisting of fixed - length, simple ASCII text files makes it super-simple for you to integrate pharmacy data directly into your existing systems - no need to change vendors, software programs or systems.